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Scare Brothers is currently looking for sponsors to enable us to offer our loyal customers a bigger and better experience. We offer a unique opportunity for companies to extend their marketing reach at a very low cost. We have also integrated a barter system to make sponsorship even more attractive.

Current Sponsorships vehicles include:

Sponsor the event

“XYZ company presents Scare Brothers Haunted Nightmare”. Your name and logo would be on every piece of literature and commercial advertisement, as well as on our website, which received over 45,000 hits in the months of September and October 2004. This prime sponsorship offers the most exposure possible.

Sponsor an attraction

With 4 huge attractions designed to keep customers coming back year after year, the exposure at each attraction grows every year- as well as your opportunity to capture people’s attention.

Sponsor the tickets

Put your name and discount offer on every ticket – a surefire way to attract attention and track your results

Sponsor a booth

With our carnival type atomosphere, adding your company’s booth allows you to sell your product or service directly.

The Snack Bar

After a fright, customers grab a treat from the snack bar and relax.

Items in Trade

If you have a product or service that you feel would be a good fit at the haunt and would like to negotiate a trade of your product or service in exchange for your company’s exposure, we’d love to work something out.

All of our sponsors have their logos put on all of our posters and on our web site. We also include a link to your website from ours.

Call today at 267-241-3443 or email us at [email protected] to get more information on being a sponsor and taking advantage of this great opportunity!

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