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High Profits for your group or organization with a fun and unique fund raising opportunity!

Scare Brothers offers an exciting and fun way to raise funds for your group or organization through pre-sold tickets. We will provide you with the forms and handouts needed.

It works very simply. You have your members take orders for tickets and collect the money. Tickets cost $25 each. The tickets are good for any night that we are open. For every ticket sold, your group receives $8. You must sell a minimum of 50 tickets to receive the $8 per ticket.

Think of all the times someone comes to you selling overpriced candy for their kidís school. Most people buy about $25 worth of candy (and get very little candy in return). How much more fun would it be to offer Scare Brothers tickets instead?

Contact us today and start earning money for your group tomorrow!

"We raised over $3,000 in just over two weeks with Scare Brothers. Your high profit margins made it our best fund raiser ever! We will definitely be using you for 2009."
Jose B. - Olney Baseball

"Selling your tickets was fun and easy. Our group had an awesome time and we raised a lot of money."
Robert P. - Max Myers Athletic Association

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