Scare Brothers Haunted Nightmare
We are now located at 2200 South Swanson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148. We are located below Jomar Wholesale fabric.


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We are now fully indoors – don’t worry about the weather! Experience the Scare Brothers difference: Scare Brothers Haunted Nightmare is the only haunted house where groups as small  as 4 people enter at the same time. Smaller groups means a more personal and terrifying experience! This makes for a more intimate and realistic haunting experience. Think of how scared you were watching a great horror movie. Now, think of how scared you’d be if it was you in the movie! Scare Brothers does just that. We immerse you in a real life horror movie! Our extremely detailed and realistic sets are often scenes from actual horror films, except now you are not watching the movie; you become part of the movie! And like a great horror movie, it will get bloody, and it will get gory, and you will experience real fear! Our job is to scare you and we take our job very seriously!
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