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The Scare Brothers, masters of terror and Hollywood special effects proudly present 4 terrifying attractions that blur the line between nightmare and reality.

Freddy, Jason, Michael, and more of the most famous movie killers of all time are waiting for you inside the largest haunted house in the area.

From the mists of infinity they rise to walk the earth. They come out of the darkness to take your soul and eat your flesh and make you one of the living dead. A heart pounding journey through a haunted graveyard and house crawling with zombies. Featuring Claustrophobia the only room in any haunted house where you will actually fear for your life!

The shadows move. The winds howl. Darkness covers the moon. Danger is in the air as you enter The Dungeon of Darkness. Pitch black is now all around you. The terror will rise to your throat as you navigate the darkness, all of the time realizing you are not alone.

Meet some of the scariest clowns around inside our demented circus tent. Truly a carnival of terror.

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